Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Should I stay or should I go?

I upducted this gem some where on the google image search when I typed in The Honey Brothers. I apologize to whom ever are in these photos. My intention was not to mock, and apparantly HB is about their fanbase having a finger snappin', rump shakin' good time and I am all for that.

I'm debating whether or not to drive to Maxwells in Hoboken, Nj on the busiest driving day of the year to see The Honey Brothers take a break from the studio to put on a pre Thanksgiving show. I have to admit it seems like a colossal waste of time. The stage will probably be mobbed by a crowd of creepo Adrien Grenier fans. He is sort of a dreamboat, but whatever.

And speaking of creepos after class today I waited outside of Best Buy (yes I was one those customers fiending outside the door before open awaiting all my electronic needs) but it was packed. No lie it was like a goddamn party of 30 people. And then we all waddled in like zombies it was quite the spectacle. And I couldn't find a damned thing I was looking for in there and wound up buying a CD that while is good had no intention of buying. Good story?? And by good I mean jab your eyes with a pencil invigerating.

ps- while on my travels I stumbled upon Filter magazine and was jazzed to see an INTERVIEW of the shins by John Krasinski!! 'inski is the man of my dreams.

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Dig said...

Hehe. What were thrying to pick up that caused you to wait outside of a bestbuy? But I completely understand picking up a cd. If go someplace to get something and they don't have it, you can bet your ass I'm not leaving empty handed. I mean, it took 15 whole minutes to get there I need something to show for my effort. Which is also why I have way too many cd's in my car.