Saturday, November 18, 2006

I've Got A Good Feeling

So, I've made it a night of staying in and attempting to download movies(which may be imppossible) while at the same time updating my new ipod. It is a definite ho hum of a task I think I'm ill from sitting at the computer too long -earlier Jonnie and I drove around buying expensive items that are far beyond my spending realm. So its safe to say I'm in for the night being that I dropped the bomb on some burberry cufflinks for my brother -Ouch. I can't believe he's into cufflinks. He's become such a dandy. I have a definite weak spot for when people are short on cash and they absolutely most have something or in Jonnie's case want something. There's been lots of family related stress this week. It may have something to do with the fact that we are all going to be spending the next couple of days together in Georgia. The last time we all went away was in 1998. My parents are flying seperately, and I'm going with my brother on Tuesday. Hopefully we will boogie in proper southern fashion. The reason we are flying to Gerogia is that Josh is graduating from Ranger school which is pretty bad ass. My brother jumps out of helicopters and gets thrown into places where he's forced to hunt down his own food for survival. And people complain when their out of DP in the fridge he has to huck rocks at condors so he can roast them over an open flame. I don't know if he actually eats birds but he does something I could never do. Depsite that I'm absolutley proud of him. It's a shame I never get to see him because he is probably one of the single most ridiculously enthusiac people I've ever known. If you ever spend time with him driving he will demonstrate on his steering wheel the multi uses and that while it is indeed a steering it is also a fully functioning guitar/bass/drumkit/piano/turntable/mic. And while in the past he has been known to blast multitudes of ear shredding AC/DC and REO Speedwagon he once threw his fist right through the windshield in a rock n roll fit -which of course disrupted driving conditions for the Jeepasaurus rex( aptly titled adjective for his old red Jeep). Enough sibling praise I need to work out or something I'm crippled from sitting here way too long.

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