Monday, November 20, 2006

But I gave you a goddamn showstopper up there?

3 things

-I fixed the line spacing problem that I never mentioned but was having from before, thank god no single paragraph rants anymore. Typos/mispelled/mispunctionuated words will still be present, I repeat will still be present.

-Hopefully some more people will start commenting. I've told a bunch of friends. Most of them pause and say you know I don't really check blogs. I'm so friendless sometimes.

-Here's a little knowledge to munch on before I go. This isn't an entirely original question to ask but..

Why is it that everytime something goes horribly wrong we react but if we see something/someone suffer on a daily basis little by little we do nothing about it?


Dig said...

You realize you've made my last comment completely useless by fixing that, right? I have no answer to your profound thoughts.

sarah said...

no way that was technical, and since then I wrote 3 if you count that one.

and psssh, how come no one else comments on this thing but you?

sarah said...

that was a joke. whoops if that came out the wrong.

Dig said...

Joke shmoke. You have destroyed my self esteem with your witty retort. I hope you enjoy the taste of my tears. hehe. Anyways no one comments on my blogs, so don't feel bad.