Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So work was a nigthmare. I wanted to call out because my ear is inflammed with the swimmers ear!! From what? Wait, for it...

taking a bath?!?!? The entire scenario baffles me. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow. Because I believe it in infected. Last night I couldn't even sleep on the one side of my head. I guress there's worst events happening in the world though.

At work I've been entertaining myself by giving different nicknames for for the scones being bought by the same person as a daily ritual. I always say how I hate them which inadvertantly led to the Scone Princess title. Which is a rather unorginal nickname. So now for shits and giggles* something different has to be said everytime we discuss their love and my hatred. Of course in a non forthcoming manner but more of an enthused sarcasm. And today when on round 2 of the usual scone I blurted " jeez, another one you're the sconiest." A rightfully deseved zing being that on their day off they came into work twice to hit up the scones. I think gifts needed to be bought but they left and came back. Of course they have no idea I find it necesarry to charm them with different fake scone names. We didn't agree to this name exchange but tomorrow she will be Sconan the Barabian.

And after 3 days of this it will no longer be funny (I understand that this is very lame but I get really bored and Mr. banana is a douche bag) and suddenly the polite laughs will turn into hatred and the scones will no longer be enjoyed twice a day but thrown on the floor and stomped on in great disgust. And I will be cursed out. Okay, that probably won't happen either because A. this person laughs hesterically (sp) at most things and is B. an honest joy to be around.

Well I gotta run. But before I go -the picture above is a t-shirt design I've been working on (its unfinished). I might start using this blog as a sketchbook. I shanghaid the idea of a blog sketchbook from another artist who's name I honestly can't remember and will credit once I conjure it from my swallen infected head but every night they'd post a 15 minute sketch for creative purposes. Which is an excellent idea. Originally, I had entirely different idea to write about and instead I apologize for the epic scone story. Its unfortunate that this is my life, goddamnit! On a subconcious level I was itching to type sconiest. And for that I apologize and nothing else.

*a josh cavalier staple.

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Dig said...

Sorry to hear about your ear, that sucks. That design is crazy. In a good way, of course.And Sconan the Barbarian is the funniest thing I've heard today.