Sunday, November 12, 2006

work all day

All day as I was working I kept thinking about ridiculously successful musicians.

And I thought about their lives and I couldn't help but wonder other than the fact that they constantly tour (breaking the monotony), they have legions of adoring fans -well not all of them some are publicly humilated on a regular basis ie. Michael Jackson* , many of them make more money a night than I have made in all 7 years work experience, and almost all of them are applauded for complete and total disobendianece toward society.

Some of these performers will sell more records by pulling their pants down in public (Marky Mark anyone? or how about that jack ass Steve-o? And he's not even a rockstar), and almost all them are encouraged to be a total lush all day/night. And they even bang a different head a night and some how we find this even more appealing? Iggy Pop fucked 13 year olds and had a repuation to make women cry but he was still/is a sexual icon.

I'm not singling out Iggy I'm a fan of his music and their are many seriously talented hardworking people trying to create an honest living through music and insist on keeping normal std free lifestyles but what I don't understand is that yes, even bad publicity sells records and sometimes even more so, and this obviously makes the music industry very happy money bloated hippos (that was kind of lame).

However, this kind of behavior when "regular" members of society start to mirroring this
-people get cold hard slaps on the wrists. For example if I decided to go out, get drunk and jump into a christmas tree in a public place. I may just get kicked out of where ever I was and that's on a good day. Now, I understand voluntarily jack knifing it into some pine needles is asking for some security to come waltzing over . But if I was Kiefer Sutherland going on the road making a documentary about Tom Morello's rock band, I'd get paid and a TV special on VH1.

Okay may be that's a little harsh but seriously, I'm not saying Keifer Sutherland shouldn't be doing such nonsense -the guy is loaded, and although that doesn't excuse it he is probably living out his dream. I can personally forgive Ace. Which brings me to my thought from earlier today and quite possibly my point, I was trying to make in the first place. At work I've been getting shafted, as are a few other really hard working people. And today was god-awful working wise -there is something undeniably yuppie about the surrounding demographic in ye old Brinton Lake shopping arena.

And I couldn't help but think why should I care enough to get mad about careless people? Lets hypothedically put Keifer Sutherland or even better (maybe worse) Iggy Pop in a borders enviroment working before they were famous and they're were not pushing Rewards cards once people already said no I doubt Iggy would give a shat about whether or not this was happening? He'd just get pissd and make Raw Power. And kiefer's case be a vampire in The Lost Boys (i realize he'd been in many movies before that but it was the fist that came to mind.)

I realize my life is abosolutely 100% nothing like Iggy Pop's or Ace's and never will I try to replicate theirs. I've got breasts . Nor do I think this is even a valid argument. I just find it interesting that we allow for some (famous) to act out but not others (cilivians) for saying nay to the law. You'd think if we idolize such recklessly in the people we pay to see we'd give the rest of the world a break from time to time for not giving a damn about what we should and should not do.

That was redonk.

*MJster is most definitly wacko.

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