Friday, November 17, 2006

"A decade of hot dogs, large mammals, and independent rock"

This is awesome. I believe the artists name is Nagi who also does a line of deleriously cute Manimal stuff animals. Apparantly they are rocking the shit in different parts of the world. I'll save that for another blog though. Whenever I come across a ridiculously talented Artist - aside from the silent praise, unfortunately I also start to think about how I've wasted the last 5 years in Art. Now, wait a second thats not a jab at the years I've spent with people or necesarily everything I've done. Its not to say that I wasn't happy either with a million different other aspects of my life. It's strictly in a production sense. And sometimes I think its not a big deal either, actually most of the time its just a "hey you should be working harder". Which got me to thinking about the artist Jay Ryan. I'm paraphrasing this but the idea that came from reading these articles was that in College Jay Ryan ran into problems finishing work. This stressed him out for obvious reasons and his instructor had told him to keep a sketch book, draw everyday regardless of quality. This I might add is very helpful to anyone who wants to draw. The idea is that by exercising your talents great ideas develope from these unfinished sketches. Perfection is not key, the ideas getting across are. This goes for writing and music too. The moral coming from this breif message is to forget about the finished product.


Now, all I have to do is quite my ADD tendency and we're gold.

The Bird Machine will acquaint or reacquaint any your needs concerning Jay Ryan's work!

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