Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Late Night Quandary

I just spent the last hour driving and humming the words to some crazy Pure Essence... and I've come to some harsh conclusions about myself during this drive.

-1. When ever I say to myself in the morning this is the only drink I will have with caffiene for the rest of the day. It really just means I am only going to consume caffiene all day.

-2. the t-shirt company I was supposidly doing "designs" for is a total botched ordeal. If my name isn't Captain Idiot I don't know who is because I had been sending my designs to an entirely different company the whole time. It's really confusing and dumb what happened not to mention how horrifyingly retarded I feel.

Oh well better luck next time.


Dig said...

Firstly, caffine is awesome. Resisting it's energizing caress is futile. It will get you.
Secondly, that sucks about the designs. Did the other company steal them or something? Are you gonna get them back?
But seriously those conclusions don't seem so harsh. You'r just being harsh on yourself.

sarah said...
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sarah said...

the designs thankfully weren't stolen. It's just too embarressingly confusing to explain.